How to Create the Perfect Home Office Setup for Remote Working?

We are more likely to slouch and strain our wrists and arms when our desk is cluttered and messy. We have to stretch further and ultimately end up in awkward angles when we are working in a messy environment. This can have a negative impact on our posture over time, and increase the risk of injury. The correct ergonomic chair height can be achieved if your knees are bent at 90 degrees and parallel to the hips. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor, with both your feet flat on the floor.

Tips for Setting Up the Best Home Office

Placing your monitor directly in front of you prevents you from twisting your head and neck from viewing the screen. Place the top line of the screen at or slightly below eye level.

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In a bedroom, think about sectioning the room with a screen so work doesn’t feel present when you’re relaxing. If it is oriented to the north, the cool light will mean careful color selection home office tips is essential. A home office setup needs to take into account demands different from those we’re used to considering when designing kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living spaces.

With all your new knowledge from this guide, you’re ready to create an ergonomic workstation that’ll keep you focused and comfortable while working from home. For other common work from home problems, like fatigue and low wellbeing, you might like to browse our other guides.

What is the best home office chair?

When working in a garden office shed separate to the main house, consider that your internet connection might be choppier. Your desk might need to double as a dressing or bedside table if the room is also needed for visitors. Alternatively, you could consider buying a rolling desk that can easily be moved out of the way when you have guests over. In a spare room, you’ll have privacy, more space for your desk, chair, tech and storage and there’s no need to tidy every night – you can simply shut the door. I think it’s our duty to help each other and give advice on how to create a productive yet beautiful working environment at home. While you may need to keep a single notepad and pen handy for quick ideas, most of your information can be stored digitally for your home office to stay clutter-free and organised.

  • Make sure your broadband is good enough to support you while you’re working from home by using our free broadband speed checker tool.
  • You could try buying a filing cabinet for the corner of the room or place a couple of small paper baskets on your desk.
  • Porcelain tile can emulate wood to create the appearance of hardwood, or go for the luxury of a natural stone tile for an individual appearance.
  • The ability to work from home and the flexibility that comes with it is one of the major motivators for people deciding to start their own business.
  • Again, use the rule and move for 20 secs every 20 mins; place the printer in another room, so you have to get up to retrieve that document.

And working from home setup ideas also have to achieve a careful balance so that it is a space conducive to work but also looks like an integral part of a home. Sitting down too much isn’t all that good for our bodies or our minds. If we start to slump physically, often our brains start to slump too. Working at a standing desk will help energise and focus you, as well as mitigate the risk of back pain from uncomfortable chairs, or hunching over a laptop. Studies suggest that we can make our workspaces happier and healthier through proximity to nature. Viewing countryside scenes can reduce stress, anger and exhaustion while increasing levels of happiness, energy and cognitive function.

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